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How to make the most of Small Business Saturday

get more customers and clients in the door

Saturday 2nd December is Small Business Saturday in the UK.   A week after the hubbub and over-promotion of Black Friday (did you manage to get a woofle-dangler for less than 10% of its original cost? I didn’t either…) it is the turn of the small...
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Social Bee Podcast Episode 9 – Annabelle Needles teaches creative entrepreneurs how to harness the power of video

while travelling across the US in a campervan...

Annabelle Needles is a video editor for creative adventurers. She specializes in making video production straightforward and fun through a partnership of training and editing services. After eight years in the film and television industry, combined with her own business ownership experience, she’s created...
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Why I stopped tweeting for AntrimHour

key - its in the name....

  I have had the pleasure of hosting a Twitter Hour every Monday night for over a year now – I think I took it on around spring 2016.   Without too many misses -maybe a few bank holidays,  a couple of fill-ins from the...
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Social Bee Podcast Episode 1 with Hannah Martin, Talented Ladies Club

how and why we both started our businesses

Hannah Martin is an award-winning copywriter,  owner of TalentedLadies Club and a fantastic supporter of all women entrepreneurs. We talk about how she started her business,  the bumps in the road on the way and her year-long Kickstarter programme for women who want to start...
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Social Bee Podcast Episode 5 – Susan Hayes Culleton, the Positive Economist

helping Savvy Women Online everywhere

 Susan is an international keynote speaker, a financial trainer and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Susan discussed her Savvy Women Online business,   her Savvy Teen Academy and how she approaches everything with a positive mindset.   Nothing stops Susan from getting out of bed every morning!...
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