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What is a podcast anyway?

hint... you can't eat it

I started a podcast five weeks ago.  Its called the Social Bee Podcast.  I am interviewing women entrepreneurs all about their journey so far, with the idea that listening to the interviews will inspire other women to think about starting their own business or to...
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Social Bee Podcast Episode 1 with Hannah Martin, Talented Ladies Club

how and why we both started our businesses

Hannah Martin is an award-winning copywriter,  owner of TalentedLadies Club and a fantastic supporter of all women entrepreneurs. We talk about how she started her business,  the bumps in the road on the way and her year-long Kickstarter programme for women who want to start...
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Social Bee Podcast Episode 5 – Susan Hayes Culleton, the Positive Economist

helping Savvy Women Online everywhere

 Susan is an international keynote speaker, a financial trainer and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Susan discussed her Savvy Women Online business,   her Savvy Teen Academy and how she approaches everything with a positive mindset.   Nothing stops Susan from getting out of bed every morning!...
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Social Bee Podcast Episode 3 – Pauline Harley

Dublin based emotional fitness and success coach.

  Pauline challenges women to deal with their emotional blocks to change their lives both personally and in business. Talking about emotional fitness, personal development and how in our 30’s women bend, sway and sometimes they break.
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Social Bee Podcast Episode 2 – Jo Hanby

Jo Hanby shares her story of how life-changing accidents dissolved one business dream but made way for 2 new businesses and a new direction!

Jo Hanby is the owner of Accelerate Business Coaching.  Jo has been self employed for over 15years, and following a car accident, changed her life entirely around.   Listen to how Jo helps other women to *GET ACCOUNTABLE *GET FOCUSED  and GET PRODUCTIVE Visit to find...
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