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Why I stopped tweeting for AntrimHour

key - its in the name....

  I have had the pleasure of hosting a Twitter Hour every Monday night for over a year now – I think I took it on around spring 2016.   Without too many misses -maybe a few bank holidays,  a couple of fill-ins from the...
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5 steps to start tweeting your way to success

build your connections and grow your business

Twitter is a fantastic free social networking tool. You can set up a twitter account in a minute on your phone and start to connect with other businesses and professionals in your field. Join your local Twitter hour and start to build your network....
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Online Tools for Business – Social Media Management

what are the top tools recommended by #AntrimHour?

In a recent #Twitterchat, we discussed what tools businesses recommend to use online.    We covered social media tools,  general business organisational tools and the top three apps recommended by our Tweeps.  I hope you find this information as useful as I did!  ...
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Small businesses talk Twitter on #AntrimHour

roundup from our weekly Twitter Chat on Mondays

Our Twitter Chat on 12 September 2016 with #AntrimHour revolved around how business owners use Twitter as part of their social media marketing.   We had a series of questions asked in 15 minute intervals and lots of good responses from our regulars as seen...
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Friday funnies….

Do you participate in the #ff phenomena? Do you know what it is? On your twitter account, pick the top five of the accounts you follow, and tweet them with a #FF – follow Friday – hopefully they will reciprocate, and soon you will...
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