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I have worked with many entrepreneurs over the past three years, teaching them how to get the best from online marketing.  From building websites which I then train YOU how to update, to creating a strategy and plan for marketing online which is straightforward to follow.  No techie complicated words here, just plain English.

The main and common theme shared by all of my clients is the desire to learn how to use social media to attract and engage with their audiences, and how to fit this into their already busy schedules.

Testimonials from recent clients:

Patricia Greene, Chair, Women in Enterprise
Louise Brogan delivered a very insightful, inspiring and practical workshop on Facebook for Business to our Women in Enterprise network at our female entrepreneurship event with NWRC as part of DSCDC Enterprise week 2017. Feedback was extremely positive and attendees said the workshop was excellent, well delivered and motivating. Louise brings a wealth of knowledge regarding use of social media for business and we would highly recommend her for any training and workshops on social media.
Patricia Greene, Chair, Women in Enterprise
Geri Martin
Chocolatier at The Chocolate Manor

Louise was one of the first amazing female entrepreneurs I met through the AWE network, and she was keen to support our members by sharing her skills. Louise developed a tailored Twitter workshop for our ladies – with all levels of skill and understanding catered for. It was a joy to experience Louise’s comfortable and confident workshop delivery and I know it has transformed the twitter skills of those lucky enough to secure a place. I highly recommend Louise for all manner of social media training.

Pamela Hiley
Experienced Healthcare and Technology Professional and Global Business Coach

As a business owner with goals to expand globally, I asked Louise to assist me in leveraging social media to reach new clients and potential business partners.

Louise knows her stuff and it was a pleasure to work with her. She assessed my current state of business communications on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and provided sound advice on where to expand and improve to reach the right people.

I am happy to recommend Louise to anyone just starting out or needing to ramp up their social media presence

Tara Mackie
Marketing & PR, Indigo Ivy

A concise and articulate professional who knows how to guide anyone of a non-IT disposition to achieve a greater understanding of the digital platform as well as give great service.

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Join my 30 Day Social Media Challenge

Get daily prompts to really boost your social media posts!

totally free... and worth a tonne!