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Connecting Facebook groups to Pages

facebook groups connect to pages

Do you have a Facebook business page?  Do you have a Facebook group?  Well now, you can join the two together officially.   If you don’t currently have either, then here’s why you should.

Facebook business pages are a fantastic way to market your business on a budget.   Show your audience what your business does, share information about your industry and establish yourself and your business as the expert in your field.    If you want to know more about that, download my free guide for starting to use Facebook for Business here.

Facebook groups on the other hand, are used as a way to really build a community.   I have run my Social Beehive group for over a year now.  The Beehive is a group for entrepreneurs all focused on online marketing.  It has grown in size and more importantly as a brilliant resource for my business since I started to implement a strategy of engaging with my beehivers.

I am now able to connect the two together.   The reason this works so well for me, is that I have over 3,200 likes or followers on Facebook, and the group currently has 535 ish members.  The members of the group are far more engaged than the page followers – and also they are more likely to see what I am posting.  I post daily in the group e.g. Monday Motivation, Tuesday tools, but also questions, polls, updates on social media as and when I find them.

Some online marketers may have groups of over 15,000 but only 5000 followers on their page, showing where they have spent more of their focus and time.   The reason for this is because groups are where you can really build your relationship with your audience.  People like to feel part of a ‘tribe’ .  It is the same as my Twitter hour audience on Monday nights – the same people show up every week as they have built up their own connections with each other, as well as with me.

Here is how to connect your page to a group – you can start with a new group, or link to an existing one.

Step1.  Find the Groups tab on your Facebook page (this may not be available to all pages yet)

Step 2.   Click on the arrow to openup the tab settings

Step 3.  click on the ‘Link Group’ or Create Group’ button as in the image below:link facebook group to page

Once you have linked our group, you will see this option instead:

facebook group connect to page







To get started on using Facebook for your business, download my free guide today.  Let me know if you have a Facebook group in the comments below, and please come and  join us in the Beehive!

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