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January 30, 2017 4 comments

Facebook Business Pages: The Updates

Facebook page updates

Have you noticed the difference in Facebook pages?  Yes, they change all the time, but recently there have been some really big changes.

Facebook Business Page Layout

Facebook Business Page Layout


When you go to your business page, you can see three column – left hand side has tabs which can be personalised for your business, the middle column is your posts, and the right hand side is all about your business,  your contact details, photos and videos.

The cover photo size has changed slightly.   The size is now 828 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall. Where before, the profile picture lay over the top of your cover photo, now the cover photo stands completely alone.   There’s no overlapping of the profile picture, now called “logo image,” or the “Like” button.

Below the cover photo are four buttons now – Like, Follow, Share and More.   If someone likes your page, they are automatically set to follow it.   If they are following you, they will see your posts – if they like your page but are not following you, they are still part of your audience, but not seeing your posts. There are two types of following available: Default or See First.  You want your audience to click on See First – so they will always see your posts.    How do you get people to do that?  Try asking them!    If you are at the stage of posting to Facebook Live, people can also then be notified when you go live.

Now we can add in a page name with @ like Twitter.   To change your page name, put a @name under your profile or logo image on the left hand side.  E.g. @SocialBeeNI

Add in the @ to your business page name

Facebook Business Pages Tabs

On the left hand side, we have a list of tabs: About, Posts, Photos, Reviews, Likes, Videos, Shop, Events, Services, and Notes.  You can now add a URL to each of the tabs under Page Settings- these can be shown or kept hidden from visitors. You can also put these tabs in whatever order you want, depending on what you want your page visitors to see.

add url to each tab

Facebook Business Page Call to Action

On the right hand side,  the first thing you see is a blue button option asking people for a call to action – you can have Learn More, Get in Touch, Book Services, Make a Purchase or donation, and download app or game.

Facebook Business Pages Edit Buttons

edit the call to action button

Underneath your call to action,  you have all the sections on your page such as photos, videos,  and a fabulous new option called ‘search on this page’ allowing your visitors to look for specific topics through the history of your page .

Facebook Business Pages: Post Options

The newest change that arrived in January 2017 are the “post options” that allows nine different options depending on your page type:

I have created a free downloadable guide to print out and keep, which goes over what all of these post types involve.

  • Share a photo or video
  • Get sign-ups
  • Advertise your business
  • Get phone calls
  • Get messages
  • Create an event
  • Create an offer
  • Write a note
  • Help people find my business (not available on my page as I am not in a physical location!)
Facebook Business Page Post Options

Facebook Business Page Post Options

Play around with using the different options and check your insights regularly to see which ones are engaging with your audience the most.

So how are you finding these new changes?   As always, Facebook likes to keep us on our toes – come join us in the Social Beehive to keep on top of the changes!

To find out why your business NEEDS a Facebook page, read here 

  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is really helpful – Time to make some changes to my Facebook Page! 🙂

    1. Louise says:

      Glad you found it helpful Caroline! you should join us in the Social Beehive if you get a chance… x

  2. Joseph says:

    I noticed most of these changes, but I missed a few! I’m going to have to use the new customizable URL tabs! Thanks for the great post 🙂

    1. Louise says:

      Great – glad you found it useful Joe!

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