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by Louise Brogan in Blog, Facebook, Social Media Marketing
October 1, 2016 1 comment
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Getting social with Facebook Groups

If you have a personal account on Facebook (you know, the ones where your friends show off their holiday snaps, or take a picture of themselves drinking a cocktail on a Friday night) then you may have come across the phenomena of Facebook Groups. There are tonnes of Buy and Sell groups for local areas, book clubs, parenting groups which are all very nice and sociable – but how do Groups relate to business?

Facebook Groups are all about growing a community – and you can use them to grow engagement with your Facebook Page by growing your brand online.

There are three types of Facebook Group –

  • Secret – Can only be seen by group members.
  • Closed – Can be seen by the public, but only members see posts, and members must be approved.
  • Public – Can be seen by the public, and anyone can join.

My personal recommendation is to create a Closed Group – you can accept new members into the group, and by keeping the posts to members only, this offers an incentive to join.

Creating a Facebook group for your business community gives you the opportunity to do the following –

  1. nurture your community – keeping in regular contact with your audience – members are more likely to see all of your group posts vs the organic reach on a Facebook page
  2. test out your ideas – people love to be asked their opinion on your latest idea and are more likely to answer inside a group when they feel part of a community
  3. build your connection with your group members – whether you have a group of people from your own industry, or the group is made up of people who want to learn from your expertise – by having regular interaction with the members you can really strengthen your connection with them.

How to Run Your Facebook Group – tips from the Beehive

When I initially started my own Facebook group over a year ago, I made the same mistakes as many other group admins.  I invited in any Facebook business connections in, whether they wanted to join or not, and after an initial flurry, I stopped posting in it altogether. Then about a month ago, after I joined an industry group, I realised the true potential of the group. In one year, I have grown my group authentically to over 1000 members. Here’s how:

  • sharing the link to the group into my social media channels
  • adding an invitation to the group to my regular newsletter
  • daily posts to provide engagement.  These vary for groups and I have chosen the following as I think they provide value to my group members (and going by the level of interaction, they work well!)

Monday Motivation

Tuesday Tools Day – each week I recommend an online tool for business

Wednesday Wows – where we celebrate any recent successes of members

Thursday Challenge – a weekly challenge

Pay It Forward Friday – the day you are allowed to actively share your own social media accounts

Saturday/Sunday – Weekend Workers (for those of us who are growing a business while still working in a full or part-time job)

I highly recommend if you are going to set up your own Facebook group, that you implement guidelines for group members. Mine are pretty simple – no spamming, no self promotion, be helpful to others, ask questions and give back!

If you want to check out what it’s like to participate in a healthy active ENGAGED Facebook Group, swing by The Social Beehive today – we have accountants, physiotherapists, bloggers, business consultants, solopreneurs and the lot – then start thinking about what kind of group you can set up for your own business/career.

how to create Facebook group, Facebook groups,  FB groups, FAcebook community, entrepreneurs

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  1. Parnuuna says:

    Thank you for this. 🙂 Very straightforward. It’s so easy to over complicate things in your mind. So Thank you for reminding me, that it can be simple. 🙂
    Love, Parnuuna

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