How to grow engagement on your Facebook page

Recognise this scenario?

You have a Facebook page for your business.

You post on it  every day for two weeks, and then completely forget to post on it for 5 days. Your mum likes all your posts.   Your partner keeps sharing it onto their Facebook feed (which would be fabulous if your business was aimed at his football-loving mates).   But aside from that, you only get the random like or click every few days.   What’s going on?

Well, you need to go back to the start.   Have you identified your ideal client?   Are you posting on your page with them in mind?  Have you checked the analytics on your previous posts?  What works well, and what doesn’t?

There is so much to using Facebook for Business, that it can be overwhelming at times.  Some business owners would rather run a mile than have to think about what to post on their page regularly.   And how often is regularly anyway?   Different reports will tell you to post daily on Facebook, others say 2-3 times per week.   I say, do what works for you, and make sure you check the Insights on your page to review regularly.

There are three main points to remember when trying to create an engaging Facebook page:

  1.  people like seeing other people – show some personality on your Facebook page – if you are a solopreneur, show your face – if you are part of a larger team, why not share someone’s good news – do you have an employee of the month,  is it someone’s birthday?  Are you all just celebrating the fact it’s Friday?
  2. Ask your audience questions – with every post,  you should have a call to action – whether it is asking the audience what they think, or a direct question to do with your business.   IF you are a florist, why not ask your page followers what their favourite bloom is?
  3. Respond to each and every person who engages with your page – if someone shares your post, thank them.  If someone comments under your post, reply, even if it’s just to thank them for their comment.

I created a month long social media challenge which is in week 1.  The idea is to help entrepreneurs to kick start engagement on their Facebook pages.   We have a community running along side the challenge and the feedback so far has been amazing.

Everyone who has signed up to the challenge receives an email at about 7am and then they take action to post on their social media account – whether they choose Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is entirely up to each person.

Lucy P from Vale Quality Management Systems had this to say:

I am loving this challenge so far! I am a novice when it comes to marketing and PR so this is just the kind of direction I need. I’m seeing more interaction directly with my business page than ever before. Normally I’d have to share things on my personal page to really get any results so this is brilliant!

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the month goes.


Which goes to show that all kinds of businesses can succeed and reach their audience on Facebook.

I will be running my challenge on a regular basis, so if you would like to join our next one, put your name down here.   I would love to hear how you are creating a buzz around your social media.
social media challenge


2 replies on “How to grow engagement on your Facebook page”

Would like your opinion on should I close personal Facebook and switch page blog page to business page? I get way more interaction on personal name page than my blog page but I really don’t like to put personal details of my life on Facebook, which is why I’m pondering this senerio. Thanks! @Donna GeorgeBlogs

hi Donna, I definitely recommend you have a page for your blog/business rather than using your personal Facebook profile. You can keep your personal stuff private on your personal profile, and then keep the blogging stuff on your page. Facebook do clampdown on people using their personal accounts for business promotion, and have been known to shut down accounts without any notice for this. It is against their rules!

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