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How to improve your Facebook page today!

Seven steps to improving your Facebook page today


7 Proven Steps to Market your Business Online

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by Louise Brogan in Blog, Facebook, Social Media Marketing
June 29, 2016 0 comments

When used correctly, Facebook for Business can be one of the most ways to drive traffic and customers your way.

When used incorrectly, however, you’ll probably experience a whole lot of this.


If this sounds familiar, you may be making one of these seven Facebook mistakes. I’ll explain why they work against you and how to fix them to improve your brand’s Facebook results.

Tip 1. Include an image or video with your posts

People engage with images way more than they do with text. This goes for magazines, blog posts, ads and yes, Facebook.

In fact, content that has relevant images to accompany it,  receives 94% more views than content without visuals. That means you can nearly double the number of eyeballs on your Facebook post simply by making sure it also contains an image or video.

The great thing about Facebook is that when you share a link, Facebook automatically pulls an image (if there is one) from the website to share with your post.

Video on Facebook is growing at an exciting rate; as of January 2016, Facebook users watch a collective 100 million hours of video per day. Your business needs its own piece of that pie!

Tip 2. Using the right image size

Here’s the other side of the coin to sharing images: if you share one that’s not optimized for Facebook, it can actually work against you because your post comes out looking sloppy.

At the time of this post, the optimum size for an image shared on Facebook is 1200 x 630 pixels (or a ratio that’s close or equal to this).

When you share your post, pay attention to detail. Are there people with their heads cut out of the frame? If there’s text on the image, is all of it visible? These small details make a big difference in making your brand look professional and trustworthy.

Tip 3. Work out how often to post

This one might surprise you, but posting too often can actually harm your Facebook engagement rate.

Here’s the reason: Facebook realizes that users want to see posts primarily from their friends—not from companies that want to sell to them. As a result, Facebook limits the reach for brand pages (you’ve probably noticed that when you post something on a business page, it’s only seen by a fraction of your followers).

According to Hubspot, if your Facebook page has fewer than 10,000 likes, you should post a maximum of a few times per week for optimum engagement. If you have more than 10,000 likes, your post frequency won’t make much of an impact on your engagement levels.

Tip 4. Its not all about selling.. 

This is probably the biggest Facebook mistake most small businesses make. Their pages are filled with advertisements for their own products!

Instead of promoting your own content 100% of the time, work to follow the 80/20 rule. Share your own content just 20% of the time, and third party content like news articles, interesting blog posts, quotes, pictures and videos the other 80% of the time.

Why does this work? It all has to do with Facebook’s algorithm, which works out what kind of content users want to see in their feeds and shows them posts accordingly.

Tip 5. Engage with followers

It’s not easy to generate organic (unpaid) engagement on Facebook for Business. So, if a follower is kind enough to leave a comment on your page or one of your posts, engage back with them!

It’s a good rule of thumb to check your Facebook page at least once per day, if not more often, for new messages and comments from followers. When you write back to them in a timely manner, you’re instantly upping your brand’s “know, like, trust” factor with that follower. They feel a connection they’ll remember a long way down the road.

Tip 6. Add comments when you share a link

If you see a great piece of content you want to pass on to your followers, it can be tempting to simply hit the ‘Share’ button and call it a day. However, one of the keys to increasing your engagement on Facebook is to show the personality behind your brand.

To do this, add a personal comment to links you share. For example, perhaps you’re sharing an article from a major news outlet about a story that affects your industry. You might write a sentence or two to accompany the post sharing your thoughts about how it directly relates to your business.

Remember, people like brands that seem real and approachable. Sharing your insights and comments is one way to achieve this for your business.

Tip 7. Use Facebook to connect

If you view Facebook as just another outlet to sell your product to potential customers, you’re looking at social media all wrong.

Users log on to social media for a variety of reasons: To be entertained. To keep up with their friends and family. To be distracted. To stay abreast of current events.

One reason they don’t log on to social media? To shop.

So how, then, is it possible to drive sales using social media? By using Facebook to make that initial connection with a potential customer.

Think of it like dating. On a first date, you wouldn’t immediately ask the other person to marry you. Instead, you’d get to know them. You’d share funny stories and ask them about their background.

Facebook works the same way. Instead of immediately asking for the sale, use it as a tool to engage your target demographic. Share stories that help them get to know your brand. Ask them what they like and don’t like. Surprise them with fun treats like giveaways and discounts.

Then, after a few weeks or month, they’ll be familiar enough with you to want to give you their hard-earned money.

Try putting these tips into action and let me know how you are going to do it!



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7 Proven Steps to Market your Business Online

Take action today and start marketing your business

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