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are you ready to level up your linkedin?

LinkedIn is the place for you to grow your business, escalate your speaking career, find new clients and make more profit!

How can I help you?  I am passionate about helping demystify LinkedIn and showing my clients how they can really leverage this platform in as little as 20 minutes per day 

All you need is a little bit of expertise, strategy and planning.  

How to win at LinkedIn:

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

Before you start to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn you need to get your building blocks in place. So I start with optimising your LinkedIn Profile - when someone sees your profile, what is going to lead them to click on your name, and once they get there, what will prompt them to connect with you?

Build your Network

Your LinkedIn network can become a very valuable asset to your business. Who should you connect with?
How many connections should you have?
How do you connect with people?
Should you accept connections from anyone?
I will work with you to create a strategic plan for building a network that works for YOU.

Your Posting Strategy

Did you know that only 1% of LinkedIn members post anything at all? There is a great opportunity to raise your profile and become known within your industry by having a strategy for posting content. What do you post, how often, and what format?

Lead Generation

Now that you have the profile, the network and the content strategy, it is time to turn LinkedIn into your Lead Generation machine!
Learn how to win business consistently by leveraging your LinkedIn efforts with my help

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Why work with me?

I have been teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to use social media since 2013.   I have worked with thousands of clients over this time, and love seeing my clients flourish online following my work.  

Don’t just take it from me though – here are some recent testimonials:

Working with Louise was a worthwhile investment in myself and my business. It is so easy to second guess yourself when it comes to effectively communicating your message, and Louise was the wise sounding board I needed to make decisions quickly. Louise’s process is streamlined and easy, she takes care of the heavy lifting for you and will help you evolve your thinking beyond the road blocks you’re likely creating for yourself. Louise’s thoughtful, friendly approach made a painful process enjoyable, so much so that I quickly decided to upgrade my package with her. I recommend Louise’s services to anyone who wants to take their LinkedIn presence to the next level. – Rebecca Oggenfuss


Shelli Warren

We were thrilled to invite Louise to host 3 separate Masterclasses for our international clients at BizChix. Each group is focused on business development. 

After participating in Louise’s trainings they were confident to use LinkedIn as their platform of choice to expand their customer reach, new hire candidate reach, and brand awareness. 

They loved the interactive design of the class and her ability to give live coaching that accelerated their ability to improve their LinkedIn presence. 

Thanks so much Louise for sharing your brilliance with us and for your flexibility to work across various timezones

Shelli Warren, Chief People Officer, BizChix

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