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by Louise Brogan in Blog, Blogging, productivity
February 6, 2018 0 comments
organised blog, organizedblog, entrepreneur, blogging for small business, women entrepreneurs, planning a blog

When it comes to digital marketing or online marketing, where do you start?  How do you organise and keep track of the content you need to create? What if you write an amazing post on Facebook, Linkedin or microblog on Instagram and it gets tonnes of engagement?  What next?

The best way to market your business online is to create a home or a hub for all the content you are going to create.  Somewhere you can keep sending more (new) people to read or watch your words of wisdom.

  • Definition of content -the stuff you create to get people to come and check out your business.   e.g.  videos,  blog posts (like this one!),  podcasts,  infographics,  images
  • Your hub – this could be a YouTube channel,  a Facebook group or your website.

Why do I strongly recommend you have a website?

You OWN the website.  You don’t own any of the shifting sands that sit on someone else’s piece of the internet.

A wise woman once said – don’t build your house on borrowed land.  Stake your claim and build your business on the land you own.


You cannot control who sees the posts on your Facebook page, the videos on your YouTube channel,  or even the posts inside your Facebook group.

However, you can control what is put on your website, and you can do all that other stuff to get people to check out your business by producing regular, consistent, quality GOOD content.

If you can create and stick to a plan of consistent content creation,  your ideal audience or ‘dreamy client’ will find you and will keep coming back for more.

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  • Start creating your content on a weekly basis
  • Write your blog on a weekly basis
  • If you podcast or create videos, upload them once a week.
  • If you have created a Facebook group, post it in every day.
  • Email your list once a week and share the content you have created.

If you are serious about growing your business online, these are the weekly steps you must take to start building your business in order to attract an audience and start to make sales.

What if you don’t have time to do all this?

Let’s face it, who does?  But if you want to make online business be your main business, then this is what you need to do.   I have some helpful tips though.

Starting with batching.

SO… its the start of the month. Decide what your topic for your content is going to be this month. If you are a gardener, maybe you could focus on spring – divide this up into four areas- how to prepare your garden for spring, what to plant right now, how to tidy up those winter spots,  how to encourage nesting birds to come into your garden – now take a day and write all four blog posts out.  Rather than each week having to sit and look for inspiration or get into the writing zone four times,  do it once and get it all out of the way!  This is called batching.

Let’s look at another industry –  business coaching.  Think of one of your main topics – let’s look at productivity as an example. Come up with four post ideas for your small business client- how to be more productive, what apps can help with productivity,  how to stop wasting time on the internet (!), how to batch your content (see what I did there…)  then take one day, to write all of these blog posts.

If you can create a consistent plan for your content creation, it will all soon fall into place and become a much smoother process.And your customers will be waiting for your next blog post or email to arrive.

If you are the type of person who likes to plan with pen and paper,  download my free monthly blog planner today

organised blog, organizedblog, entrepreneur, blogging for small business, women entrepreneurs, planning a blog



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