7 Proven Steps to Market your Business Online

Take action today and start marketing your business

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Do you know how to build a business or profile online?  Its quite a task, working out what platform you should be on, what you should be posting and how often.   Do you want to start growing your email list or have you thought about creating online courses?

I work with businesses to help them understand how to leverage the power of online marketing to grow their own business.  From Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, to blogging, email marketing, course creation and webinars.   There are many different ways to grow your business online, and I can help you to find the right fit for your life and your business.

I help with content creation,  email marketing and social media.   I can help you to develop a social media strategy and plan so that your business is focusing on the right platforms to attract your ideal audience member.

I create bespoke training packages on all the social media platforms, from LinkedIn,  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.   If you need help in working out how to use social media to attract clients and build your business, get in touch today.

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Education & Training qualifications

  • MSc in Computing & Information Systems, University of Ulster 2000

  • PRINCE Practitioner 2010

  • Certificate in Business Analysis from British Computer Society 2013



  1. Gráinne Magennis says:

    Hi Bronagh

    How are you? I hope you are well.

    I attended your ‘social media’ course in the NICVA buildings a few months ago. It was very useful and I’ve actually put into practice much of what I learnt!

    At the time you mentioned running a specific LinkedIn course – do you know if this will be happening any time soon?

    If you could give me a call on 028 9267 8200 I’d appreciate it.

    Gráinne Magennis
    Employers For Childcare

  2. Aine McClean says:

    Hi Louise, Happy Monday!!
    I stumbled across you on LinkedIn a few months ago & literally since I have been hooked on the podcasts ever since! I think I have listened to all 43 now twice! Just love the great energy from the speakers & yourself! I myself have recently set up my own business and need your help with the marketing side & social media aspect.
    I am a part time HR Consultant and teach HR a few hours a week in the local College , whilst on maternity leave I have decided to go out on my own! I have a 1 & 2 year old so I can very much relate to all the working mum chats! Very inspiring! I would really love to touch base with you to gauge your advice and see what I need exactly in terms of 1-1’s to work on my marketing strategy. I want to get it right from the get go! I appreciate your feedback and time in advance!
    Many Thanks

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7 Proven Steps to Market your Business Online

Take action today and start marketing your business