Facebook Groups – the update – Social Bee Podcast Ep 83

Let’s talk about Facebook Groups – what’s changed and how does it impact you?  Do you use Facebook Groups in your business? Are you worried that the changes recently made by Facebook may impact you?  Or perhaps you haven’t yet started a Group, and you’re wondering whether you should go ahead and create one?  In […]

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Social Bee Podcast Ep 29 – Solo – How to use Facebook Groups to grow your business

One of the key ingredients to the success of my business, I believe has been the community that I have built up inside my Facebook group.  I have a free facebook group called the Social Beehive, which is a group of about 1200 members who are entrepreneurs from all over the world. We have people […]

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5 tips for small business owners participating inside Facebook Groups

5 ways to engage with other business owners inside Facebook groups and grow your own business

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Connecting Facebook groups to Pages

Do you have a Facebook business page?  Do you have a Facebook group?  Well now, you can join the two together officially.   If you don’t currently have either, then here’s why you should. Facebook business pages are a fantastic way to market your business on a budget.   Show your audience what your business […]

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How to set up and run your own Facebook Groups

Getting social with Facebook Groups If you have a personal account on Facebook (you know, the ones where your friends show off their holiday snaps, or take a picture of themselves drinking a cocktail on a Friday night) then you may have come across the phenomena of Facebook Groups. There are tonnes of Buy and […]