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Getting rid of your content gremlins with Amanda Webb – Linking in with Louise Podcast

On this week’s podcast, I interview Amanda Webb of Spider Working. We discuss the ‘Content gremlin’ – the little gremlin that sits on your shoulder and tells you to start creating content and sharing it all over the internet. Amanda works with people who’ve got all those bits and pieces up and running, and I […]

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How should your small business use social media?

How should your small business use social media? The simple fact is that your potential client or customer is using social media.  With approximately 40 million people in the UK having social media accounts, your business cannot afford to ignore social media. The main questions you want to consider are: What social media platform is […]

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Do you have a Social Media Strategy?

Do you use social media for your business?  Are you happy with your results?  Are you struggling to grasp the value of social media for your business?   Are you using a Social Media Strategy for your business, or have you adopted the ‘spray and pray’ approach? If you haven’t got a strategy, you are […]