Ten ways to improve your Facebook Page today

and get more engagement too!

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November 26, 2017 2 comments
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What are the benefits of using Facebook to market your business?

There are over 1.2 billion users on Facebook.  That’s a whole lot of potential customers who are waiting to hear from you.

You cannot get a more affordable way to market your business – on or offline.

By using Facebook advertising, you can target all of your advertising spends – consider taking out an advert in your local paper, in the hope that your ideal client may see it before it hits the recycling bin. Then consider taking the same money and using it to target a specific type of person – your ideal client!   You will reach FAR more people using Facebook and you can control how long the advert lasts for, and even put more money into it if you think it is paying off.

By engaging with your audience on Facebook, you can build brand loyalty.   If a potential customer wants to ask a question about your product or service, you can reply to them literally straight away.

To help get you started, I have created this ten-day Facebook challenge – take on one thing a day for the next ten days and see your engagement and following grow!

Ten Day Facebook Challenge

Day 1 Check your descriptions on your page

  • Have you written your short and long descriptions on your Facebook page?    Your short description is 150 words and long is 300 – you want to appeal to your ideal customer.  Think about what your customer will be typing in the search bar and try to include those words in your description.  Don’t write your own description, write it from the point of view of your ideal client.     Put yourself in their shoes – what are they looking for

Day 2.  Have a good cover photo and profile picture on your Facebook Page.

You can update your cover photo regularly – in fact, when you update your cover photo, all of the people who follow your page will be notified.    You can create images that fit the dimensions preferred by Facebook over at

Day 3.   Use the call to action button on your Facebook page.

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This is the button that allows your followers to contact you – it may be

Send Message

Learn More

Call Now

Use App

Sign UP

Watch Video

Each of these will allow you to change the option e.g. Learn More may lead your reader to your website.  Watch video may lead them to your latest video etc.

Day 4.   Create relative content for your followers

What is the reason people started following your page?  Are you giving them the value they want?   For example, Social Bee NI is about social media for business, so I share out news and tips on how to use social media – our audience are solopreneurs so I write/talk to them in a certain way.

Day 5.  Ask your audience a question

One of the best ways to engage with your audience is to ask them a relevant question  –

e.g   “ what are you struggling with today?”

Or you could share a photo of your latest product and ask their opinion on it.  Or if you are going to be hosting an event, ask their opinion on what freebies they would recommend.  People love to be asked what they think of something, so they are more likely to get involved.  More involvement equals more engagement equals your page being shown to more of your followers!

Day 6.  Create a video for your page

It doesn’t have to be long but video can capture the attention of your audience – short and to the point! Share some words of wisdom or your top three tips for your audience.   You don’t need fancy equipment, the camera on your smartphone will work as well as anything else.

Day 7.   Share other people’s content

Find other pages which are of interest to your audience, and share them to your page.  Add in your own thoughts or comments on the post, and ask your own audience for their opinion.

Day 8.   Add a call to action for your posts

You will have added a call to action on your page back on Day 2 – now think about doing the same with your posts – e.g. sign up here to find out more…  Always try to add a call to action to every post.

Day 9.  Join Facebook groups

Find other like-minded business owners – Facebook groups cover many topics from school committees and sports clubs, to business groups such as Social Beehive. If you create your own group, connect it to your page and grow your audience that way.  You can share your own page inside some groups,  or share tips and advice for other people in the group, with the idea that once they get to know, like and trust your knowledge, they may click through your profile to find out more about your business.

Day 10 – make sure your business page is listed in your Personal Facebook Profile so that people who do want to know more about you, can find your page easily!

This is one of the most commonly missed easy wins on Facebook.  If you are interacting with a group on Facebook and someone is interested in your business,  they will click on your profile picture.  If you do not have your business listed on your own profile, you are missing a huge trick!   Before you do anything else, go and make sure your place of work is has your business listed.  Now.   Social media is just that – social!   Find other pages in your niche and connect with them – build up a relationship and soon you will be sharing each other’s posts and growing audiences.

If you want to get more free info on using Facebook for your Business, why not sign up for my free five day Facebook mini training series here 

ten day Facebook challenge, improve your FAcebook page, how to grow your Facebook page, how to increase Facebook followers







  1. Shirley Jones says:

    I wrote off last year for lots of reasons including a broken ankle and a nightmare of a house move so this year I am giving it everything!!
    New approach to Facebook, blogging, updating my website. Whole new workspace too.
    Louise you are an inspiration. Just loving it.

    1. Louise says:

      Wonderful to hear that Shirley xx

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