The difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group

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by Louise Brogan in Blog, Facebook, Social Media
April 13, 2018 4 comments
facebook pages vs facebook group

Whatever your business is – solo entrepreneur,  network marketer,  three people in an office, or a multinational firm –  [clickToTweet tweet=”I believe you should be using Facebook to reach your audience online” quote=”you should be using Facebook to reach your audience online”]

With one BILLION active users on Facebook, you can be sure that your customers can be found on there.   The problem you may currently have is.. how do you use Facebook to grow your business.

Did you know that many business owners now, as well as having a Facebook page, also run a Facebook group?  What is a Facebook group for?  How can it help you with your business?

So let’s go back to basics.

Think of your Facebook page representing your brand online.  Telling stories,  sharing your blog posts, sharing information you think your audience would like,  and signposting them to your business.

If you follow my emails you will know that you need to have a website and a blog in order to really get the best from marketing your business online.  Social media is one of the best, and probably most affordable, ways of getting people to your website.

How this works – once you get someone interested enough to follow you on Facebook and visit your website, a percentage of them will become your customer.

What about Facebook Groups?

Think of a Facebook group as your community.   You use your page as a way of broadcasting to your audience.  The group is where you have the conversations.

You can now link your Facebook page to your group (check this post here for how to do that) and you will find that if you can set it up right, your group will become your social media hub.

You can set up your Facebook group to be closed – so that people have to request permission to join.  Groups are where you find like-minded people – so for example, you might be in a group of community gardeners for your town,  or you could be in a group of your local small business network.  Your members have joined to be able to meet and talk to other people who are like-minded.

People are more inclined to participate in groups, and often will post questions they need answers to.  On a page, if someone wanted to ask a question about social media,  they may send my page a private message.   However, in the group, they will post it to the whole group. It’s not just the admin or group owner who can answer.  The question is getting input from all the other members of the group.  This creates fantastic engagement.

Do you post the same content on your page as your group?

I see my page as more of a billboard put out the front for my business, and the Facebook group is what goes on once you are inside the building.

I will share posts with calls to action, news stories and educational engaging content on my page.  Inside my group,  I may share similar stories, but I will be asking the members for their opinions – having conversations, not broadcasts.

I also use my page to encourage people into joining my group.  One way of encouraging people to join the group is my new Tuesday Tech slot where I am going to answer my group’s most pressing technical questions on using social media.   This will be promoted on my PAGE as a way of getting people into the GROUP.  If you want to see this in action, do come over and join us – the group is the Social Beehive

For free training on how to use Facebook groups to build your business,  join my list here.

  1. Jack says:

    Brilliantly explained, and nicely done in a quick couple of paragraphs.
    I love your analogy of ‘Page is a billboard’ and the Group is what goes on inside!
    Fantastic thank you 🙂

    1. Louise says:

      Thank you so much Jack

  2. Lynn says:

    What a great way of looking at the difference between a page and a group. I’m going to be working on mine quite differently now.

  3. Aliyu says:

    So short and straightforward. I can now integrate the two. thanks a lot.

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