What is the difference between a like and a follow on Facebook?

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by Louise Brogan in Blog, Facebook
October 15, 2018 1 comment

like or follow facebook page

Do you know that people can like and follow your facebook page,   follow it only, or like it and stop following it?

It can be a bit confusing at times, I agree!

What is the difference between a like and a follow? Does it even matter?

When someone comes across your Facebook page and likes what you are posting,  they can choose to Like your page.  This automatically means they are also following you.

Liking but not following

It can get a bit complicated here, as the person can like your page and then choose to unfollow you.   Which means they won’t be shown your updates.  Why would someone do this?  Maybe they like the company or organisation, but don’t want to be shown the page updates.  It is also possible that they originally liked your page as a friend, and don’t want to offend you by unliking – so they simply choose not to see your updates.

Following but not Liking

They can also choose to follow your page but without ‘liking’ it.   Which means they will see your updates, but they won’t be counted in your page likes.

**** at this point, I would like to point out, that the number of likes is not as important as your engagement levels. Many of my clients get hung up on the number of likes on their page – but if your audience is not engaging with your content,  the number of likes is irrelevant.  Your focus should be on providing interesting content so that your audience engage or interact with you.****

Why would someone follow your page but not ‘like’ it?   It is possible they don’t want other people to see that they are following you.   When someone likes a page, their friends may be notified.   Depending on your personal account security settings, the pages you follow can be seen by others in your network.

Different Options of Liking

Not only can someone like your page, and not follow it but they can also over-ride the Facebook algorithm by choosing to always see your posts.   Yay!  This is quite unusual for someone to do unless they are one of your top fans, or they are possibly your competitor!!

difference between like and follow on facebook

So what is your best way forward?

Ideally, you will create content that your ideal audience want to see.   Posting three times a week on your Facebook page, and keeping these three objectives top of mind will help you:

Be Engaging – see what your audience like and do more of it – try to ask questions that will draw them out to leave you a comment

Be Entertaining- show some personality and have some fun

Be Educational –  share information about your business/industry that will be of interest to your ideal client

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  1. Erdem says:

    My facebook only shows follow why as it was only like button. I searched all the settings to bring back like button but I couldn’t find as it was like button before

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