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by Louise Brogan in Blog, entrepreneurship, Facebook, strategy
March 25, 2017 0 comments

Do you have a Facebook page for your business?   Do you post on it regularly but get nothing back in return?   Or do you remember at random times during the week that you really should post something on there, but you have no idea what to post.    So you don’t post anything!

Don’t worry,  we are going to cover top changes to make TODAY to start growing your engagement on Facebook for your business.

When I am training entrepreneurs or presenting a workshop, I always start with strategy.  After all, if you haven’t got a strategy or plan, how on earth do you know what you should be putting out there on your Facebook page/Twitter account?

What exactly is a social media strategy?   Your strategy is your toolkit to help you get the most from using social media.   In my social media strategy template, I cover the main questions you need to have considered before you start posting or even creating your social media accounts.

For example – what is the purpose of using social media for YOUR business?    What platforms are your ideal clients hanging out on?  Who are your ideal clients?   We can’t market to everyone – if you try to appeal to everyone, you will end up appealing to no one.  This is a fact.  I have learned from experience!

If you are working on your business on a day to day basis, or as I know a lot of you are,  you are working on this on the side while keeping up the day job, with the dream of someday walking out that door and not coming back….  then you don’t have hours of time to spend on social media.   So choose TWO main social media platforms that you think your ideal client is hanging out on.    If you are selling professional services to small business owners as an accountant or solicitor – do you think you will find these customers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LInkedIn?  Have you thought about where they are?

Start with one place – I usually recommend Facebook for sheer numbers – there are 900 million people visiting Facebook EVERY DAY.   Then once you are comfortable posting on Facebook, start a second account – if you have lots of gorgeous image opportunities, try Instagram – if you are B2B,  try starting a Twitter account and join in a Twitter Hour that is relevant to your local area or your industry.

The next part of your strategy is to define your goals –  are you trying to raise awareness of your products/services?   Are you trying to reach new audiences online?   are you sending people to your website?   What are you trying to achieve by using social media to market your business?

How often are you going to post?  What are you going to post?  Identify at least three themes in your business that you can focus on when you are creating your social media content.  For example,  a few of my themes are online marketing,  entrepreneurship and women in business.   So I will create content that falls under these main headline topics.

I have a free template with questions to start you thinking about your own social media strategy.   If you would like a copy, you can grab it here.

Social Media Strategy

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no more spray'n'pray tactics - please send me my free social media strategy template to get started today.

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I will be booking in Skype sessions for developing a strategy for clients – if you would like to find out more about these online strategy sessions, please email me with the email subject Strategy.  free download template for social media strategy for entrepreneurs


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